Jun 30

An Open Letter To Chub Chub, I Miss You, & Will Be Home Soon


Dear Chub Chub, I know you cannot read even if you could you have no thumbs to work a computer or smarphone (Probably for the better).  I know I have been gone for 19 days and this is the longest we have ever been apart since we rescued each other. I know you have no …

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Jun 16

From The Bowels Of Hell!! The Rise Of My Crohn’s

  It has been a stressful month,  Besides my normal (Spine & Hip) problems to a bunny boiler I dated for all of one week this kate spring was looking shitty, but I was seeing what looked to be a good summer until I entered the “Bowels of Hell”.     I always had bowel …

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May 24

Top 5 Accessories For Your Android Phone

So you have a nice android phone and beyond the usual case and fruit skinning screen protectors is there really anything else which will add to your phone or gizmos to make your phone do more things for you? Everyone should at least get a case and one that will actually protect your usually two …

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May 22

Motorola Moto G, A Great Little Phone For Very Little Money

    A few weeks ago Motorola Canada contacted me and asked if I wanted a Moto G to try, and write about. Of course I said yes as I love mobile phone technology and specifically android. Then a few days later the phone arrived and I was eager to try out Motorola’s budget conscious …

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May 07

Holy Crap I am 9 Months Smoke Free

  For those who know me well, you have probably witnessed me as a smoker and it was not pretty. I would need a cigarette even before my eyes were completely open, like some addicted new born puppy dog, I would reach for a smoke even before my vision worked correctly. Mornings were such a …

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May 03

No Smartphone is Worth $800 And Here Is Why

Smartphones today are amazing, whether they are iOS phones from Apple or any Flagship level Android device, even some Windows phones are becoming contenders. But are any worth the full the retail price they sell them for? Are the manufactured pimped so-called innovations things 99% of us will ever use or worth the price? When …

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May 03

Militia Madness & Why is it Not Happening in Canada?

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  Canada and the United States share the longest undefended border in the world, similar in almost every way, besides our government structure. Canadians watch more US television than we do Canadian television, we have access to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.  Looking at us both you would be hard pressed to see much difference between …

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Apr 15

“America’s Taliban” Dissecting The Patriot Militia Movement

April 19, 1995 9:00 am Timothy McVeigh drove a rental cube truck up to the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City, Ok and detonated a 7,000 pound fuel/fertilizer bomb killing 168 people and wounding 680+., 19 of them babies and children. This was the worst terrorist attack inside the U.S. prior to 9/11. …

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Mar 15

City Hall of Vancouver to be Renamed Bob Rennie Hall

I have seen many, many Politicians & Parties bought and owned by special interests before. This reality is as old as greed and graft itself, still I am in awe at the hands out for cash balls of Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver party.   Mayor McBikelanes has since the beginnings of his …

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Mar 14

There Are No Bad Cats. Love, Understanding & Rescue Kittehs

This week there was a story about a cat named Lux, who after being kicked by her human companion lost her shit, attacked and cornered her family in their bedroom forcing them to call 911. This story went viral and as you can imagine some of the comments on social media where to put it …

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