Apr 19

Lonliness & Isolation, Holiday and Special Occasion Edition

There was a time when holidays and birthdays were not difficult for me. My wife was still alive, my parents were as well, and I lived around a vast social circle always looking out for each other. But times change, spouses die and people move to cities far away from their usual social supports. For …

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Apr 15

“America’s Taliban” Dissecting The Patriot Militia Movement

April 19, 1995 9:00 am Timothy McVeigh drove a rental cube truck up to the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City, Ok and detonated a 7,000 pound fuel/fertilizer bomb killing 168 people and wounding 680+., 19 of them babies and children. This was the worst terrorist attack inside the U.S. prior to 9/11. …

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Apr 07

“Dating and Understanding Who Is The Right Partner For Who You Are”


I say it and hear it over and over again, Dating today, especially if you are over 30  is like some Battan Death March with cocktails. But why does it have to be?  If you are single you may use “online dating sites” to search for a new partner and online dating has for the …

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Mar 15

City Hall of Vancouver to be Renamed Bob Rennie Hall

I have seen many, many Politicians & Parties bought and owned by special interests before. This reality is as old as greed and graft itself, still I am in awe at the hands out for cash balls of Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver party.   Mayor McBikelanes has since the beginnings of his …

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Mar 14

There Are No Bad Cats. Love, Understanding & Rescue Kittehs

This week there was a story about a cat named Lux, who after being kicked by her human companion lost her shit, attacked and cornered her family in their bedroom forcing them to call 911. This story went viral and as you can imagine some of the comments on social media where to put it …

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Mar 10

Lies Your Vet & Pet Food Companies Tell You.

We all know the lies that the human factory food and big Ag companies feed us, and guess what is worse than them? The Pet Nutrition Industry!    Follow The Money: In 2013 is was estimated that the pet nutrition industry was looking at $21.26 billion  in revenue, yes with a big “B”. So it should …

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Mar 04

The Hijacking Of Freedom* (*no real Freedomz just the word)

Freedom A Noun: Once belonged to everyone in the United States who claimed it. That was the beauty of it. But a few short years ago that changed. The change came without many noticing it change hands, even though the changing of hands was noisy and patently untrue. Still we as a nation allowed it …

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Feb 19

Whisker Stress, Yes it is a Thing.

Does your cat take food out of it’s bowl and eat it on the floor? Will fluffy only eat the top layer of food is her dish? Well your kitteh may be suffering from Whisker Stress!. I know it sounds dumb but hear me out. A cats’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, how sensitive you ask? …

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Feb 11

The Weekly Stabby…Bad Transit Etiquette Edition

I lived in Vancouver, BC Canada, but not long ago I lived in New York City home of one of the worlds largest transit systems and a giant population which depends on said transit to get from place to place. New York may have a false image of not being friendly or as rude. It …

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Feb 10

The Badger’s List of Great Podcasts and Why You Should listen To Podcasts

A lot of you may or may not listen to podcasts, some may not even know what they are. I was always a public radio listener and talk radio listener, while driving or working at home and usually before bed to settle me down I have a ritual of Podcast listening I follow every week. …

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