Aug 26

Almost Back To My Normal Abnormal Self, After the Summer That Crohn’s Stole.

I have some great news, it seems like the Humira and Imuron + the soon hopefully to be weaned off of Predisone is finally working on my Crohn’s. my innards have not felt this good in years and my poops are more what a normal human should have and not the 12-15 poops a day …

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Aug 15

Time To Not Be Quiet About Depression

The world lost not just a comedy genius but also a kind loving father and friend to many.  There may be a reason why the death of Robin Williams has touched so many,  and sparked so much sometimes angry conversation about depression and suicide. Robin Williams death is quite possibly the first of a famous …

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Aug 12

Ask For Help, Because There is No Shame In Depression

Today depression took another victim in Robin Williams, and it will take many more with names we do not recognise and even more name close to us, it could be family it could be us. For me it has been me, depression loves to lie to us and I have been lied to hard and …

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Aug 07

182 Days of Local Living (Eat-Shop-Drink-Local)

Yes that is the 300th Starbucks on Robson street! It is getting more and more difficult to tell what fucking city you are in anymore, every street is filled with multinational, National or Regional chains, all eating up the store front and retail spaces in our Urban areas. Forget the Burbs with their soul crushing …

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Aug 01

Digital Sociopathy, The Trolls Who Pray On People With Mental Illness

The facts are Trolls are everywhere online, from forums to comment threads and especially Social Media. Most are just cowards with a broadband connection, some are something completely different, the Digital Sociopath. These bottom dwellers will target people who appear in crisis maybe they do not understand how people with mental illness especially in crisis …

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Jun 30

An Open Letter To Chub Chub, I Miss You, & Will Be Home Soon


Dear Chub Chub, I know you cannot read even if you could you have no thumbs to work a computer or smarphone (Probably for the better).  I know I have been gone for 19 days and this is the longest we have ever been apart since we rescued each other. I know you have no …

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Jun 16

From The Bowels Of Hell!! The Rise Of My Crohn’s

  It has been a stressful month,  Besides my normal (Spine & Hip) problems to a bunny boiler I dated for all of one week this kate spring was looking shitty, but I was seeing what looked to be a good summer until I entered the “Bowels of Hell”.     I always had bowel …

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May 24

Top 5 Accessories For Your Android Phone

So you have a nice android phone and beyond the usual case and fruit skinning screen protectors is there really anything else which will add to your phone or gizmos to make your phone do more things for you? Everyone should at least get a case and one that will actually protect your usually two …

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May 22

Motorola Moto G, A Great Little Phone For Very Little Money

    A few weeks ago Motorola Canada contacted me and asked if I wanted a Moto G to try, and write about. Of course I said yes as I love mobile phone technology and specifically android. Then a few days later the phone arrived and I was eager to try out Motorola’s budget conscious …

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May 07

Holy Crap I am 9 Months Smoke Free

  For those who know me well, you have probably witnessed me as a smoker and it was not pretty. I would need a cigarette even before my eyes were completely open, like some addicted new born puppy dog, I would reach for a smoke even before my vision worked correctly. Mornings were such a …

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