“America’s Taliban” Dissecting The Patriot Militia Movement

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“America’s Taliban” Dissecting The Patriot Militia Movement

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April 19, 1995 9:00 am Timothy McVeigh drove a rental cube truck up to the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City, Ok and detonated a 7,000 pound fuel/fertilizer bomb killing 168 people and wounding 680+., 19 of them babies and children.


This was the worst terrorist attack inside the U.S. prior to 9/11. It was not performed by a forgien national or a Islamic terror cell, but by a home grown terrorist linked to Patriot Militia groups, white supremacists and anti government conspiracy groups. This was the Big Bang origins of what would become America’s own Taliban.

Jump to the beginning of April 2014, at the Bundy Ranch, Nevada. Where a rancher who for almost two decades had been grazing his cattle on BLM land without pay for permits to do so. When the BLM decided to remove the cattle, he and his supporters called in the Patriot Militia to defend his ranch and what they deemed illegal action by the Dept of the Interior. This is the day the American Taliban grew some balls and may set a dangerous precedent whereas any one who feels that the Government is acting illegally will call in the Militia to defend them, by force if necessary.  But how did we get to this point? Where did they come from and who and what are they? Are they Patriots defending the United States from domestic enemies, or are they anti-government terrorists hiding behind the 1st and 2nd amendments all while claiming the fed government is a criminal enterprise?


Lets first look at who I compare them to, which is the Taliban in Afghanistan, who are both a domestic and international terrorist org with political and religious dogma. The Taliban who claims that the Afghan government is not legitimate and are practising tyranny unpon the faithful conservative Muslims of the nation. This is to their beliefs manipulated by other countries and western influence to destroy the fundamental beliefs they hold true.

   Patriot Militia 

Cant even defend himself from the twinkie isle.

Cant even defend himself from the twinkie isle.

Since the 90’s the so called Patriot Militia movement has evolved out of a couple of other less palatable and socially acceptable groups like the White Ayran Nations. Instead of focusing on hate they lean towards to the anti-government crowd claiming they will protect the nation against itself as protected by the second amendment. They are organized and dress like a paramilitary organization. They wear uniforms, drill on weekends and have a rank structure. They are not recognised by any government at legit but cannot be disbanded because of constitutional protections.  They has a strong distrust of the Federal Government which leans more than heavy on paranoia and fringe websites like Alex Jones.  Little of their beliefs are based on any real facts and also attach themselves to Christian Nationalism.

  Diagnosis US Taliban

Except for Blacks, Jews, Muslims, and Mexicans

Except for Blacks, Jews, Muslims, and Mexicans

The Patriot Militia movement are no more patriots than the Taliban are, like their Muslim brothers they see force and intimidation as the way to bring change. They also subscribe to in most cases a Christian Nationalist view of the nation and want to see a country of laws more biblically driven. Think of it as Christian Sharia Law, even when they scream about freedom of religion they have little or no tolerance for Islam or other religious beliefs.  When I was following the Bundy ranch side show, in which they were mobilizing to protect, they were mentioning best ways to engage the federal law enforcement with guns. They were coming from all over the US not just the states they claimed to defend. And within these blog posts, facebook updates and tweets a darker side of them was leaking through, There cross pollination with White Supremacists and their groups, showing where their support comes from.


They are fed by our current political mood, by which the right wing media fuels their paranoia, hate and violence.. From the Birthers to the crazies who see tyranny behind every shrub and tree. To the NWO loons and the NRA screaming they are coming for your guns. This irresponsible rhetoric by right wing media is fuelling even more of these groups to grow  united by a imagined war on Christianity by Obama and the Federal Government. And they are itching to fight back.

Yes groups of uneducted un-vetted men and women some with most likely serious mental illness armed and militarized. Most never served in any armed forces but has some twisted uniform/soldier/hero Fetish and gain their own personal strength and worth by their guns. Yeah this makes for a real rational group of people to arm.


So yes they are our very own home grown Taliban armed with m-4 carbines, the second and first amendment, xenophobia and the bible.  As a nation we created them, fed them and nurtured them. Every Republican who does not call them out or are apologists for them give them strength. They are still barely small enough to be quashed intellectually but not for much longer. The monster that Fox News and their ilk have created is almost completely out of the box and on their own. Fueled by ignorance, hate and fear, they will get a chance to kill again, and they will start blowing things up just like their philosophical buddies in the east. Because the Taliban is the Taliban regardless of where they are.


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  • MWNeilson April 16, 2014

    Read your blog. Very informative. Thank you. Glad you posted a link to it on FB (in a Daily Kos post).

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