Nov 13

Badger’s Holiday Gift Guide Volume #2 “Classic Men’s Wear”

Need to get something for your man or possible yourself? Looking for something “Classic”, “Well Made” and not looking like “The Gap” threw up in your closet?  The Badger has you covered, quite literally covered. I will put forward a few Men’s clothing gifts which speak of days when people cared about the things they made. All the products I am listing have been made for years and years and are well made, still classics and currently really, really fashionable.  I refuse to use the words “Bespoke” because the hipsters and marketers have hijacked that term and beat it like a circus monkey.


Working from Top to Bottom I will start with Hats of course.


Stormy Kromer Possibly the Best Hat I Have Ever Worn

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I have written about the Stormy Kromer Cap in a earlier post, so I will mention it again. This hate has been continuously made in USA since 1921. It is wool, it is a classic country look which also looks urban and modern. They are ordered to fit and fit well. I get complements whenever I wear mine. They are functional as well the band pulls down over your ears when it is cold, otherwise it will hold the Kromer on your noodle in strong winds. Being wool it will keep you warm when it is wet. The hats are also Insured for defects for “Life” and if you can believe it theft and loss for two years!!!  Any man or woman would love this hat and the style statement it makes. They are also very affordable at $39.99. They also make hats for all seasons so you can wear a Stormy all year!. These hats scream good whiskey by the fire!


Barbour  Lowerdale Gilet (Vest)  A vest that screams, country class


Barbour has been making English hunting and country farm clothing since 1894 and  has been a staple on English estates for generations. They are exceptionally made to last. Heirloom clothing is not common in the world today but these are something you will wear for years. This vest will look great on any man and will class up any room, even a waffle house at 2am. You can get yourself one of these for around. $179. Many fashion brand vests are this expensive and not made this well or timelessly fashionable.


Woolrich Alaskan Wool Shirt: A shirt that warms the body and heart


Woolrich is another company which has been making classic well made clothing like forever, I think even Jesus wore a Woolrich robe. They were founded in 1830. Orginally created by them for 19th century gold prospectors it is one of their heaviest shirts, made of wool with snap closures. This shirt will help your man keep you warm on those cold long winter nights. $119 might sound pricey but like all today’s recommendations this shirt is more then one season then off to goodwill.


Levis 501 Jeans: All Hail the King of Denim!

levis-for-men (1)

No other jean is as classic as the 501 and their shrink to fit heritage. With a button fly and Fuck You Skinny jeans attitude these pairs of denim are forever classic and will fit everyone, even those men who actually eat or are not sized like pre-pubescent boys. $59 and up everywhere!


Smart Wool Socks: Like a warm comfy hug for your dogs


Smart wool socks are amazing, non itch wool socks. Made for each sport you do or do not do, they are comfy and customer service is amazing! from $12 & up


Danner Mountain Light Boots:  Made in the USA Classic Hikers 


To say that my Danner Mt Light boots are the best fitting and longest lasting hikers I have ever owned would be the understatement of the year. Simple put, no other boot, fits, wears, and walks like these boots do. Danner has been around making boots for people who “Need” boots since 1932 and the Mt. Light since 1982. They have not only great classic looks, but they are made of full grain one piece leather and hand stiched down soles, also Gore-Tex they can be completely remade and mine lasted 9 hard, very very hard years. These boots have been copied by everyone from high fashion to outdoor companies. Still no one has matched the magic that are these amazing fucking boots. $330 and worth every fucking dime twice over.


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