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Jun 30

An Open Letter To Chub Chub, I Miss You, & Will Be Home Soon


Dear Chub Chub, I know you cannot read even if you could you have no thumbs to work a computer or smarphone (Probably for the better).  I know I have been gone for 19 days and this is the longest we have ever been apart since we rescued each other. I know you have no …

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Mar 14

There Are No Bad Cats. Love, Understanding & Rescue Kittehs

This week there was a story about a cat named Lux, who after being kicked by her human companion lost her shit, attacked and cornered her family in their bedroom forcing them to call 911. This story went viral and as you can imagine some of the comments on social media where to put it …

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Feb 19

Whisker Stress, Yes it is a Thing.

Does your cat take food out of it’s bowl and eat it on the floor? Will fluffy only eat the top layer of food is her dish? Well your kitteh may be suffering from Whisker Stress!. I know it sounds dumb but hear me out. A cats’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, how sensitive you ask? …

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